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5 Reasons to Register Early for 2013


September 21, 2013. Although the next big convoy for Special Olympics Nova Scotia is less than a year away, you might be surprised how fast those months fly by. Why should you register early, so far in advance? Here are five reasons:

1. Trucker Pal Program

If you register early and would like to be a part of our Truck Pal Program, we would be glad to set you up with a pen-pal athlete. You will receive a photo and bio on your athlete, helping you to foster a relationship with them. This athlete will be someone you can communicate with during the year via letters, Facebook, etc. Then, next year, they will join you on the convoy. Together you can raise money and pledges to help you be successful in winning the honour of Lead Truck. Keep in touch with the same athlete you drove this year, or meet someone new!

2. Start Your Fundraising Early

Once you have registered, you can begin fundraising immediately. Be creative! Some opportunities for fundraising include:

  • garage sales
  • summer barbecues
  • dinner parties
  • family get-togethers

3. Get a Headstart on Next Year’s Massive Convoy

We’re expecting many more trucks in 2013 – be sure you’re a part of it with early registration. Our space for marshalling could be limited, depending on the route and venue. Will we have to cap it at 100 trucks?

4. Backstage Blog Pass

A new feature on our website that we’ll be rolling out soon! Join our network and community of truckers on an exclusive trucker “backstage” blog area on our website, where we can share ideas, thoughts, and comments related to Atlantic Canadian truckers. We’d love to get your comments and suggestions on how we can make 2013 an even bigger success!

5. Athletes are Awesome

It really boils down to this: the earlier you register, and the more money we raise, more athletes like those you met get to participate in sport!

How to Register

So that’s it! If you want to register early, print our registration form and mail it to:

Special Olympics Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Road, Suite 201
Halifax, NS B3J 1G6

Please include a $100 cheque for your registration fee. If you wish to pay using another method, such as credit card over the phone, please contact Anne Marie Shannon at (902) 429-2266 ext. 2.

Don’t want to pay the entry fee right away? That’s cool, we understand. Registration fees for early birds aren’t due until February 15.