Safety Top Priority

With the masses of trucks on the road every day, safety is required to ensure that drivers and trucks return home at the end of every run. The Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association ( ) @NS_SafeTrucking provides training and certifications to members throughout the province.

For #ConvoyNS2015, safety is a top priority.

2013 NSTSA Banner in Truck Convoy

EassonsTransport Ltd., safety certified by the NSTSA, registered a truck this week for the convoy. This week we talked with Gordie Atwood, an Eassons’ employee, about the NSTSA and getting involved with the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Nova Scotia.

“Eassons has always been supportive of community events,” says Gordie Atwood. “When I initially heard about the convoy, I wanted to get involved.”

Daniel Bazinet drives the truck that @Eassons registered. Bazinet, who has been with Eassons for over six years, heard about the convoy through his girlfriend – another Eassons employee – who suggested the organization register Bazinet’s truck for September.

This is the first year Eassons has participated in the convoy. Hopefully it will be the first of many!

“What we don’t do this year we will be involved with next year,” Atwood continues. “This year, we’re looking at doing something within Eassons to support the convoy.”

Easeassonssons works closely with the NSTSA, who is another supporter of #convoyns2015. NSTSA regularly conducts audits to guarantee that all of Eassons trucks, procedures, and policies are up to standard. Trevor Bent, an Eassons employee, serves on the NSTSA’s executive team of board of directors.


The Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association aims to educate organizations on safe practices in the workplace – and on the road. A safe workplace is the only workplace.

A warm welcome to Eassons Transport Ltd. – can’t wait to see your rig in Dartmouth in September!

Registration is open – signup forms are available on our website or by contacting Anne Marie Shannon by email or phone at (902) 429 – 2266 ext. 2.