Collect Pledges

The dreams of Special Olympics athletes are fueled by fundraising efforts across Nova Scotia. Drivers who are raising funds for the truck convoy among friends, family, coworkers, and other members of their communities can use our 2024 Convoy Pledge Form, to keep track of donations.

These contributions are tax-deductible and help raise funds for athletes with an intellectual disability by providing year-round sport training and competition.

Driver Pledge Incentives

Drivers who collect pledges will be eligible to receive some great prizes this year to help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 for our athletes.

The individual who collects the most pledges will receive our lead truck banner and travel first in the convoy as Lead Truck. To learn more about the lead truck rules, please visit here.

The Team who collects the most pledges will receive our Lead Team banner and travel behind our sponsors and before the remaining trucks. (To qualify for lead team two or more individuals must come together to collectively create a grand total of pledges. Each driver must have at least $100.00 in pledges.)

Individual drivers are eligible to collect incentive prizes based on their individual pledge totals.

Electronic Pledging

Our ONLINE pledge platform is also available for those who prefer the convenience of electronic pledging. When you choose to create a profile and collect pledges online, there is no worrying about chasing down those last minute donations.  All pledges get directed to SONS and added to your fundraising tally. How convenient is that?

Take the Challenge

The majority of the registration money goes towards making this day great for you and your family.
Our athletes win when you, the driver, collect pledges!

If every driver took the 10 day challenge and collected $500 in pledges, the drivers alone would raise $76,000! Together we would raise over $100,000 for our athletes.

Will you join us and help?

Day 1 Sponsor yourself for $25 $25 $25
Day 2 Ask 3 family members to match your donation of $25 $75 $100
Day 3 Ask your best friend to sponsor you for $25 $25 $125
Day 4 Ask your boss for a contribution of $25 or to match the entire money you raise $25 $150
Day 5 Ask 5 local friends to sponsor you $10 each $50 $200
Day 6 Ask 5 out of town friends to sponsor you $10 each $50 $250
Day 7 Ask 5 businesses you frequent (barber, salon, dry cleaner, dentist, restaurant) to sponsor you $10 each $50 $300
Day 8 Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you $10 each $50 $350
Day 9 Ask 5 neighbours to sponsor you $10 each $50 $400
Day 10 Ask 10 people from your church/temple/social club, etc to sponsor you $10 each $50 $500