Watch the 2015 Truck Convoy

Each year we have thousands of fans and followers who wave at the almost 200 shiny trucks that go by in Dartmouth. We are excited to announce the ability to thank the drivers and Athletes with a new ability to text to donate for as little as $5 dollars. Tax receipts are available for $20 donations and above!

Watch for this year’s campaign to begin in September where you can Text To Donate to show your support! 

Convoy departs DND Shearwater At 10:15 am on Saturday, September 21st

Watch and Wave and Give!

Anyone can help for as little as $5 that you can text a message to your telecom provider. Ask your friends and fans to donate as you drive by. All they need to do is text: CONVOYNS to: 20222 to donate beginning in September.


Anyone can help for as little as $5.
Text: CONVOYNS to: 20222 to donate to Special Olympics. Please keep us in mind this September.

Route – Convoy begins at 10:15 am

Detailed Route Directions – Our convoy will begin at DND Shearwater, before proceeding through Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, and Eastern Passage. The convoy will end when the trucks return to Shearwater. Come out and enjoy the show!

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